Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Engineering Science

Engineering Science : as with engineering it operates at the frontiers of science and technology. Whilst science uncovers some new natural phenomenon, engineering harnesses that phenomenon with in new technologies even though there is no Technical Science available to assess fitness-for-function before implementation of a concept takes place. Once implemented applied science can investigate and develop the required Technical Science. Engineers are therefore taking risks and have a responsibility to exercise a duty-of-care to minimise the risks and consequent hazards, and thus develop, test, monitor and release the technology from mind to the physical world in a controlled manner. Engineering science is where the applied science and engineering merge, with the need for ingenuity dominating. The technology could be happening but the phenomenon is not being harnessed as expected: new ideas are required dependent on extensive scientific knowledge and new experiments need be conducted to further scientific knowledge. {eg. Nuclear fusion, new materials for photovoltaics}